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Window Insert Replacement

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Get it Done Quick with a Window Insert Replacement

Appliances such as the refrigerator, washer, and dryer often take a lot of flak for being the source of high utility bills year round. During the depths of a Minnesota winter or the humidity of a Minnesota summer, the furnace and air conditioner become the targets of any homeowner's frustration.

If you feel like your bills are skyrocketing and your home is never warm enough, or cool enough, you might want to take a glance out those windows. Nearly one-third of air seepage in a home comes and goes through the windows. Aging seals, old glass, and poor insulation are the leading reasons for heat loss in your windows.

At Lutgen Companies we have the perfect, quick solution to your utility woes with insert window replacement. Whether your windows are old and dingy, or simply allowing too much air flow, a window insert offers a quick and cost-effective solution to your problems.

Insert Window Replacement

The process of installing a window insert is quick and easy compared to full window replacement. Leaving the current frame and interior trim work in place, our certified installers will insert energy-efficient glass into the window and get your home on the road to energy-efficiency in no time.

With an insert window replacement successfully installed, you'll be saving money before you know it. You may even save enough to consider freshening up the inside of your house with a few coats of paint to add new life. What you do with the savings is your business; our business is to make sure you get the energy-efficient windows you need on a budget you can live with.