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Customize Your House and Add Space with a Home Addition

Sometimes the home of your dreams and your home-buying budget don't see eye to eye. Your home is the biggest investment you'll make, but that doesn't mean you have to spend more than you can afford upfront to get the home you've always desired. Adding on to a house after it is purchased is a great way to get the space your family needs without spending more than you can afford on the mortgage.

As the housing market continues to rebound, the folks at Lutgen Companies are ready to help you expand the available space in your house with a new home addition. A recent survey of homeowners in the United States found that as of 2013, 40% of the planned home remodel projects taking place were aimed at adding on to a house.

Popular Room Additions

Adding a new sleeping space is a popular choice among American homeowners today. For those with older homes and growing families, adding on to a house with a new master suite is an excellent value-add for the family and the home. A new room addition can be as simple as a bigger master bedroom with more space and bigger closets, or as complicated as a full master suite with sitting space, walk-in closets, and a full bathroom.

Sunroom Additions

Room additions don't always have to be as massive as a new master bedroom suite to be useful for the home. The addition of more space for entertaining and relaxing can be just as important to your family and your guests as more private sleeping space. Sunroom additions offer more space to entertain with lots of natural light and fresh air, perfect for maintaining harmony in the house.

Whatever your vision is for a new home addition, let the folks at Lutgen Companies help you make it a reality. We can sit down and help flush out your vision, put together design concepts, and put our decades of experience to work when it comes to time to put hammer to nail.