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Add Value and Usable Space with Basement Finishing and Remodeling

The single most-effective way to add usable space and resale value to your home is through a basement finishing or remodeling project. Many older homes have dank, dark basements that remind us more of our caveman days than the 21st century. For others with modern homes, the rush to complete a house and move on to another means most developers skip finishing off the basement.

With over 30 years of experience in home remodeling projects, the folks at Lutgen Companies can help you transform your basement from a dank place no one wants to go, into the entertainment capital of your home.

A Value-Add for the Home

Finishing off, or remodeling, a basement space is a major renovation project. However, the added value this brings your family is worth the time and investment. Surveys conducted by Remodeling magazine have found that the average basement finishing or remodeling project brings 75 cents on the dollar for return on investment.

Shed Light on the Darkness

Remodeling a basement can help bring light to a dank space that was lacking in joy beforehand. Installing egress windows in common spaces and bedrooms, in particular, brings in more natural light and gives your basement a more inviting feel.

Additionally, a basement finishing project can improve the comfort of the space in addition to brightening it up. The last place you want to trek during a cold Minnesota winter is the concrete slab floor in your basement laundry room. Installing new basement flooring as part of your basement finishing project improves the overall comfort of the room, on top of giving it a more inviting feel.

Add Usable Space

Best of all, remodeling a basement adds usable space to your home floor plan without having to increase the physical footprint of the home. Whether your basement was never finished initially, or is in need of modernization, a basement finishing project can add extra bedrooms, clean storage spaces, and an inviting family room for entertaining.