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Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams with Custom Cabinets

The American kitchen is quickly becoming the center of entertainment in homes across the country. How does your kitchen stack up? Is your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood with space as far as the eye can see? Or is yours the cramped kitchen with a beautiful countertop that cannot even be seen under the clutter of appliances?

If your kitchen is in desperate need of a facelift, our team at Lutgen Companies can help. No kitchen remodel would be complete without the custom cabinetry that gives you the space you need with the elegance you want.

Custom Cabinets

Why custom cabinets? Custom cabinets are what set your kitchen apart from the cabinetry in every other kitchen on the block. Everyone has drawers for utensils, cupboards for plates and stemware, and storage for cookware, but not everyone has custom cabinets that turn your kitchen into a magic show that can make all of your friends and family jealous.

Imagine a dream kitchen where there is space in your cabinetry for every kitchen appliance you use. Why spend thousands on a beautiful countertop during your remodel only to cover it up with appliances that don’t have a home? Custom cabinetry is about more than finding a home for everything.

Custom cabinetry makes it possible to store everything with flare. From kitchen mixer stands that swing in and out of a cupboard to built-in spice racks, your kitchen can be a creative expression of your cooking style and personal character.

Cabinetry with Lutgen

At Lutgen Companies, we don’t do the cabinetry work ourselves. However, when we’re busy giving you the chef’s kitchen you’ve always wanted, we work closely with custom cabinet designers to give you the organization, space, and touch of flare you are looking for in your new kitchen.