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House Siding Protects Your Home; Give it the Protection it Deserves in Return

The siding on your house is like the skin on your body. Its sole job is to protect your home and belongings from the elements. From the hail and intense storms of July and blistering heat and humidity of August, to the deep freeze of January, Minnesota's climate can be devastating on your house siding.

Fight back against the elements and give your home the protection it needs with new siding. For over 30 years our team at Lutgen Companies has specialized in custom siding that gives your home not only the look you want, but the protection it deserves from all of Mother Nature's onslaughts.

Siding of Any Kind

Traditional siding takes far too much work to maintain over time. Not only does older siding require more frequent blasting, staining, and painting to remove chips, blister spots, and faded appearances, it is far less resistant to the forces of nature that pound your home each year.

Vinyl siding and steel siding are popular low-maintenance alternatives. Vinyl siding is kinder to your wallet than other low-maintenance options, and comes with a natural wood appearance that is highly-resistant to fading.

Custom House Siding

If you want to really make your neighbors jealous, consider one of our custom siding options such as seamless steel or seamless steel log siding. Both options provided a durable and long-lasting exterior to your home that requires less maintenance than other options. With seamless steel log siding, you can recreate the beauty of your cabin from Lake of the Woods right here in St. Cloud.

Rather than spending your summers toiling in the heat painting the outside of your home, take back your summers with house siding from Lutgen Companies. Prepare your home to defend against the elements for years to come without lifting a finger.