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Enjoy Your Summer in Style on a New Front Porch

When the icy-cold grip of Old Man Winter finally loosens its grasp on Minnesota, it is time to get outside and enjoy the warmth while you can. As sure as the sun rises in the East each day, snow and cold return to Minnesota each year with a vengeance. There is no better way to enjoy a humid summer night than on your own front porch with a cool drink.

Whether your house has a front porch in need of some attention or you are looking to build a porch, our team at Lutgen Companies is ready to put 30 years of experience in home construction to work to give you the porch you've only imagined.

A Porch for All Occasions

If your front porch is more of an eyesore than a peaceful gathering place, we can help revive that space and turn it into a porch you can enjoy any time of day. Or maybe your home needs a new concept for the front porch. We've got you covered there too. Bring us your ideas for a new front porch or pick our brains for concepts, either way we'll work with you to deliver a porch that is inviting and ideal for a morning cup of coffee or an evening sunset.

A Porch for All Seasons

If you are a born and raised Minnesotan, you know that the real state bird is the mosquito. Those pesky biters come out in droves during the humidity of July and August each year, which makes a screen porch a great idea. You get to enjoy the warm summer breezes and dark orange sunsets without being eaten alive by our state's bird-sized mosquitoes!

We've been serving the St. Cloud area for over 30 years now, and we make it our job to give you the home of your dreams. It doesn't matter how big or small the project; we won't close the books on it until you're satisfied.