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Create Your Dream Escape with Garage Designs and Building

A lot of magic occurs in the American garage. Powerful automobiles are maintained, tools are stored, handcrafted creations come to life, and ideas are born in the American garage. Do you struggle to fit both family cars in your current garage? Maybe you even have so much clutter that you can only fit one car in at a time, leaving the other exposed to the elements.

At Lutgen Companies, our visionary designers and skilled craftsmen are waiting to guide you through the process of designing and building a garage. Have your own vision for a garage? Bring it to our garage builders and we'll help you take that vision from paper to reality.

A Garage for Every Purpose

Whether you need a new workshop to store your tools and express your personal creativity, want more storage space for your seasonal lawn equipment, or want to add to the fleet of family vehicles, there is no wrong reason for building a garage.

Our team at Lutgen can expand and customize your current garage to add more space for vehicles and storage, or build you a brand new free-standing garage to accommodate these spaces. We're here to help as much or as little as you need in designing and building a new garage. Contact our office today to learn more about turning that dream into a reality.