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Deck Plans, Deck Design & Construction

Building a Platform to View the Beauty of Nature

When the frost of winter recedes and the smell of spring is in the air there is only one place you'll want to be, outside on your deck with the grill fired up and lounge chairs out. A deck is a great place to entertain in style outdoors. Just steps from the kitchen, but miles from indoors, spending the summer on your deck is a special treat.

That can all be ruined in a hurry if your deck is showing its signs of age. Faded colors ruin the mystique of your deck while warped boards and protruding nails are waiting to wreak havoc on your toes. There is no better time than now to consider building a deck worthy of your home.

Deck Plans and Deck Design

Planning for the construction of a new deck requires a balance between dreams and reality. Everyone wants the massive deck that can do it all, but you need to keep your budget in mind. When going through the process of deck design, you're going to be overwhelmed by various deck plans and materials.

Maintenance-free materials are becoming increasingly popular in deck design, but they can quickly drain your wallet. Treated lumber offers a better lifespan than untreated lumber, and is kinder to your wallet than maintenance-free materials.

Consult with Lutgen Companies

Our team here at Lutgen is here to guide you through the deck design and planning phase to ensure you find the deck plan that suits your needs, and your budget, at the same time. Whether you want a simple deck off the dining room, a deck with stairs to the backyard for the kids, or an ultimate entertaining space reinforced to support a hot tub, we can do it all.