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Make a Good First Impression with Home Exterior Renovations

As a current homeowner it might be hard to remember the days when you were shopping around for your home. If you think back on those days, how many homes were crossed off your list immediately based upon the external appearance of the home? When it comes to return on investment, home exterior renovation projects offer the greatest value upon resale.

These days, improving the exterior of your home is not as simple as just slapping on a fresh coat of paint and considering the job done. The team at Lutgen Companies specializes in a wide variety of home exterior renovation projects and can assist you in determining which projects your home needs, and which projects will bring a strong return on investment.

Home Roofing

The guys at Lutgen won't be shy in explaining the importance of a properly installed new roof on your home. Roofing material manufacturers offer training and certification programs to installers to ensure that home roofing is properly installed. The team at Lutgen has received the training and certification necessary to ensure that your roof is installed correctly, performs properly, and protects the product warranty that comes with the materials.


 If you are looking to modernize the exterior of your home, ask our team about the range of home siding materials we work with, including Seamless Steel, Seamless Steel Log, and Vinyl siding.


A lot of wonderful inventions have come from the American garage. Whether you need more space for the fleet of family vehicles, more storage, or simply a larger workshop, the guys at Lutgen can help you design and construct the garage of your dreams.

Lutgen Companies has proudly served the St. Cloud community for over 30 years now, and we look forward to helping you refresh and reinvigorate the exterior of your home so you can show it off with pride.