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Window Maintenance

Windows are a big investment in your home and we would like you to enjoy them for as long as possible! Below are some tips and general information to help you keep your windows looking and performing their best. 

  • Clean your windows at least once a year, though it never hurts to clean them more often.  
  • Cleaning your windows should include the glass, frame, and track.
  • Window glass can be cleaned with common household glass cleaners or mild detergents. Windex or diluted ammonia water works well.
  • Cleaning the glass on a cloudy day will help to prevent streaks.
  • To clean the frame mild dish soap such as Dawn can be used with a wet rag.
  • Pictures and directions showing how to operate your sashes can be found on your window manufacturer’s website.
  • Always make sure you windows are closed and latched when not in use. Doing so keeps out the Minnesota elements and reduces the risk of theft.
  • When windows aren’t latched water can get in and damage the jambs, trim, windows, and more (window warranties do not cover this)!
  • Screens will not prevent children or animals from falling out of the window. Do not leave open windows unattended if children or pets have access to them.
  • Cracked panes of glass and seal failures can be fixed without replacing the whole window unit in many cases.
  • In the winter, keep your blinds open during the day and up 6” at night to keep frost from forming.  
  • Windows can account for over 30% of your homes heat loss in extreme cases. Updating your old windows can save you money in the long run!
  • Lastly, look at the outside of your window to see if it needs re-staining/sealing (if it is a wood window) and check to make sure the silicone isn’t cracked or peeling. 

Following these tips will help extend your windows life, in turn postponing the need for window estimates and replacement windows.