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Window Condensation

Every year we get numerous calls from homeowners in regards to moisture/ice buildup on their windows, especially when it gets extremely cold out. This can be alarming as a homeowner, and it can cause damage to the window (if wooden), the trim work, and possibly even the sheetrock. With that being said, it is a problem that can be easily fixed and prevented.

Condensation typically forms on the inside of a window because of a cold air pocket created between the blinds and the window. To fix this problem simply keep your blinds open during the day, and three to four inches above the bottom of the glass at night. This allows warm air to get in the pocket created by the blinds and stop condensation from forming. If you must shut your blinds completely at night, be sure to open them fully during the day.

This simple trick can keep your windows frost free and prevent damage to your home.