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Why it's important to clean off your roof

As the leaves fall more and more it becomes essential that you remove the debris from your roof. Once the leaves, acorns and pine needles start to pile up in the valleys and your gutters and if not taken care of can lead to leaks and roof damage. Water can pool up behind the debris and cause the materials to become weak over time. When debris gets piled up in your gutters it can cause the water to not drain properly or even overflow the tops and cause water to build up around your foundation. If there are cracks in your foundation water can leak into there and in the winter months it can freeze and expand and make the cracks worse. Your contractor can come and remove the debris from your roof and prevent the water underneath from getting into your shingles and causing a buildup. Before the snow falls, if you are comfortable climb up on a ladder and take a look at your roof. If you aren’t comfortable on a ladder give us a call and we would be happy to come out and take a look.Roof_Debris_3_updated.pngRoof_Debris_2_updated.png