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Tips to sell your house

Tips to sell your house:

  • Find the right Realtor – When selling your home you need an advocate.  Guiding you through the process, helping you see your home from a marketing perspective, bringing buyers through your door and ultimately, getting you to the closing table.  We often have worked with Premier Real Estate’s Kelly Schepers, Realtor, GREEN, MRP. She goes to work for her clients!
  • Get your house Ready! - You’ve heard it before, and it’s 100% true…you need to get the “YOU” out of your house.  Remember you want to move…so start moving!  Time to box up all of the trinkets, family pictures, taxidermy, and sports memorabilia (cause not everyone loves your team) and move them out.  It won’t feel like home, but it’s not supposed to feel like “your home”.  You want buyers to feel like it could be their home.  Not sure what to do, your Realtor will help point you in the right direction.
  •  The Honey Do List- The fixes you’ve put off while living in your home, now need attention. Buyers expect that the house will have some small projects, but they don’t want to fix a roof, finishing an old remodeling project, repair a wet basement, or address water stains on your ceiling from an old leak.  Some jobs are better left to the pros when you go to sell.  Get it done right and reduce your liability from a bad DIY job.
  • Time to paint – Your walls may need a fresh coat of paint.  Bold colors can be a turn off to buyers. Neutral colors are best.  If you happen to be a sloppy painter, be sure to bring in a pro for this job.  No one likes drops on their trim or brush and roller marks on their ceilings.
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms straight out of the 80’s, 90’s or early 00s?  - These retro styles have not come back around yet.  You may need a refresh…not necessarily a full remodel. Talk to your realtor about what they feel would be the best approach to these top selling areas of your home.
  • Outside areas- Spruce it up. Remove dead bushes, trees, brush and debris and pull weeds in flower beds. Power wash dirty decks and siding. Stain your deck if it needs it, and paint any peeling sheds or railings.
  • Make sure your front door shines!   Add tasteful seasonal décor to your front entry to lock down that curb appeal.
  • Have Pets? – Our four legged friends are family, but they do leave behind a trail. From stains in the carpets to smells embedded in our fabrics. Time to erase their mark on your home.  Litter boxes should never be seen or smelled and dog droppings have no place on a potential buyers foot…ewe!  Be sure to take your pet out of the house for all showings! You’re not there during showings, and one stranger too many in their home can be your next legal nightmare. 

If you have any questions about Home Repairs, please call Lutgen Companies at 320-252-4932

If you have any questions about prepping and selling your home, please call Kelly Schepers, Realtor, GREEN, MRP, Premier Real Estate Services 320-492-6292