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Spring Cleaning-Inside

After being cooped up for what feels like forever, spring comes as a welcome sight. We are finally able to get outside and enjoy ourselves without having to layer up and walk like a penguin. Over the winter our homes accumulate dirt and dust as a result of increased usage and minimal air exchange. Now that the weather is becoming more pleasant it’s time to air out and clean up!


One of my favorite things to do when I start spring cleaning is to open all of my windows and doors. Getting rid of the stale air in the house and replacing it with fresh spring air always makes a big difference. Circulating the air also gets rid of humidity that has built up over the winter.


Spring cleaning is a time to hit all of the areas that we may not give all of the attention they should have during the winter.

Here are some things to put on your spring cleaning list:

-Cleaning the glass, frames, and tracks of your windows

-Wipe down you blinds and clean your curtains

-Change the flannel sheets off of your bed to lighter summer bedding

-Take all of the food out of your fridge and dispose of anything expired, plus wipe down the inside

-Do the same for your cupboards

-Clean the blades of your ceiling fans; top and bottom

-Clean any other fixture high up that often gets overlooked, including cabinet tops and light fixtures

-Wipe down the trim work around your windows and at the base of your walls

-Wash your floors and have your carpet cleaned

-Replace the batteries in your smoke and Co2 detectors

-Change your furnace filter, should be done every one to three months, or as needed

Doing the things on this list is a good place to get started, but don’t stop! Clean anything that may need it, once spring rolls into summer life gets busy and deep cleaning goes to the wayside. The cleaner the home the happier and healthier you will be!