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Signs That Your Windows Are Nearing The End of Their Life

Whether you are a first time home owner or have lived in your house for decades it is easy to tell that windows have a big impact on your homes energy efficiency and appearance. After years of aging and exposure to the harsh Minnesota elements windows will fail in one way or another.


Below are some common signs that your windows are operating below their peak efficiency levels or have failed.

  • If your hair blows when you walk by or you need to cover up with a blanket when you're near a closed window. Drafts are a huge source of energy loss.
  • If you want to open/close your window and you have to force it due to warping.
  • If the wooden parts of the window and/or trim-work are showing signs of rot or swelling.
  • If their is a "cloud" between the panes of glass-Known as a seal failure(occurs when the seal that holds the gas between the panes of glass is broken).
  • If you can't properly latch the window.
  • If water makes it to the inside of the window when it rains.


These are not the only signs that your windows are not operating as efficient as they should, but they are signs that can be easily spotted. If your windows are experiencing any of these issues they may need to be repaired or replaced. Installing new windows is one of the best ways to improve a homes energy efficiency.