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Roofing Contractor Certifications

Residential roofing is an industry with a plethora of contractors to choose from. It is an attractive industry for many young, hardworking people because there are relatively few barriers to market entry. With a truck, pitch fork, tarps, and a nail gun you can make a go of it. As homeowners we must make an educated decision about our roofing contractor as a bad choice creates a trickle-down effect, literally! 

One sign of an experienced roofing contractor is the certifications that they carry. Certifications are often issued by the shingle manufacturer themselves. All of the major shingle manufactures such as GAF, CertainTeed, and Tamko offer them. To give you some insight into what it takes to become a certified installer we will take a look at the GAF certification.

The certification offered by GAF is known as “Master Elite”, a status that less than 3% of all roofing contractors achieve due to the high standards.

The requirements are as follows:

Properly Licensed: The contractor must be properly licensed. This is a requirement as it shows they keep up with their continuing education and paperwork.

Adequately Insured: To protect the homeowners, their property, and the company’s employees. Insurance required includes workers compensation and liability.

Proven Reputation: GAF contacts past customers of the contractor to determine if they are reputable and operate with ethical business practices. The company has no control over which past customers are selected.  

Training: Training is required to obtain and retain the certification to ensure quality installation.


GAF has high standards for the contractors that install their products as improper installation can lead to failure, regardless of how sound the product itself is. As GAF knows their products are sound and their installers are qualified, they pass benefits on to you-the homeowner. These benefits include extended warranties and peace of mind knowing your contactor is reputable.