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Protecting Your Home While Remodeling

Having your home worked on by a contractor is an exciting experience! Your home gets an upgrade and you get to see skilled craftsman at work. One thing that can make or break a project is how the remainder of your house is treated while the work is being completed. Be sure to ask any contractor you may choose about the set up and clean up. Below are some of the steps we take to keep your home at its best.


The Set Up-Before, During, and After The Project

On every project, from roofing to kitchens, the set-up is one of the most important steps. The goal is to protect the parts of the house that aren’t being worked on.

Exterior projects such as roofing and siding can create quite a mess if the set up isn’t done properly. Doing things like placing tarps on the ground to catch debris, blocking windows with plywood, and building barriers over gardens helps keep the mess contained. As a precaution all lawn furniture, grills, hose reels, etc. are moved to a safe place.

Exterior projects also affect the inside of houses. That is why on projects such as siding anything on the exterior walls (and anything important on interior walls) should be taken down ahead of time. The vibrations from the work can cause things to fall and break.

Interior projects such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel can be daunting as your daily routine is disrupted and your living space effected. To keep your home as normal as possible the work area gets put under a “quarantine” of sorts. From the front door to the work area floor protection is put down in the form of carpet tape, drop cloths, and/or cardboard. At the entrance to the work area a plastic barrier is put up with a zipper for entrance. This helps keep the dust and dirt from getting into any other parts of the home. On the inside of the quarantined area anything being saved is either covered or removed before any work begins. Dust collectors and fans are set up, and any central air vents are blocked to keep dust from being blown throughout the house.

Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up your project isn’t something that is left until the last day. Each and every day we are on site it is cleaned up. At the end of the day all ladders are stacked up, tools are put away, and garbage is swept/picked up. By doing a daily clean up the project stays on track and the messes are minimized. On the last day of the project the “Final” clean-up is completed. When a house is “Finaled” the clean-up is as thorough as possible. In most cases the final is completed by everyone on the job site-from laborers to supervisors. On exterior projects all garbage is picked up, the yard/driveway is gone over with a magnet, and everything that needs it is swept or blown off. On interior projects the floors are cleaned/vacuumed, cabinetry/furniture is wiped down, and garbage is hauled away. Anything that was moved prior to starting the project is put back in its original place. After the house has been cleaned for the final time the only way you can tell we have been there (apart from the renovation) is the job sign left in the front yard.