Ice Dams and Prevention

You’ll probably notice more Ice dams on your roof this year than in previous years. Living in Minnesota you know our winters are here and there when it comes to temps and snow. Ice Dams can form on any roof and it is best to take care of them as soon as you start noticing them.




Ice dams are caused from heat loss through the attic. The heat coming from your attic starts to melt the snow on your roof and as it flows down your house it can start to freeze when it hits the overhang. When we continue to get cold weather and then warm days the snow melts and then re-freezes and ice dams get built up on your roof. The longer you let the ice dams build up the more snow is able to melt and that water could start leaking into your house. If the water starts leaking into your house this can be a very expensive fix.

You can prevent these expensive fixes by clearing the snow and ice dams off your roof. Anytime there is 4 inches or more of snow on your roof you need to get the edges cleared off. Your whole roof doesn’t have to be cleared but a minimum of 1 foot past your overhang. Clearing this snow helps expose your shingles and the snow can melt naturally without building up. This can easily be done with a roof rake but, if you aren’t comfortable clearing the snow off your roof call Lutgen Companies and we can come out and get it cleared off for you.