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Hey folks, Sean Lutgen with Lutgen Companies.  It’s that time of year again when the snow starts to melt off of our roofs.  This season due to the warm temperatures the melting process is happening at a rapid rate.  This causes all of the water to rush off of your roof and hit the ground and then has nowhere to go!

 Due to the large snow piles and the ground still being frozen the water ends up trapped along your foundation and can end up in your basement.  A properly installed Seamless gutter system can help with this problem.  The team of gutter specialist at Lutgen companies can push the water to areas that run away from your house.  A great gutter system from the Lutgen Companies can also preserve the siding and foundation on your house.  When your roof melts at a rapid rate this time of year, the water hits the frozen ground and splatters all over your siding, windows, and foundation.  This can all be prevented with a custom seamless gutter system from Lutgen companies. 

The Lutgen’s leafless gutter system is a great system if you want to eliminate gutter maintenance.  It doesn’t matter how good of a gutter system you have if they are full of leaves and debris.  If you don’t have Lutgen’s Leafless gutters and you don’t clean the debris out of your gutters before winter hits, the gutters can freeze and back up which doesn’t allow them to drain properly. With our reasonably priced Lutgen's Leafless gutter system you’ll see the difference instantly.  The Lutgen's gutter systems can also save you from slipping on ice around your house.  I can’t tell you how many homes I have been to this winter season with ice built up all over their driveway and sidewalk.  This could have been prevented with one of the Lutgen Companies gutter systems.  Once you’ve had a properly installed Lutgen Companies gutter system on your home, you’ll never go back!  Contact the Lutgen Companies for your free in home gutter consultation today!