Lutgen Companies


If you are looking at completing a remodel you have likely herd the term “design-build” and wondered what does that really mean? At Lutgen Companies design-build means each remodel project is designed and built custom to each homeowner’s wants and desires. The process starts with an in home consultation with one of our experienced remodeling experts who listen to your ideas for the project, analyze the existing space, and propose ideas.


After the initial consultation a custom design is created by our experts based on your individual style and wants. During the second meeting the design is proposed with options for homeowners to choose from including tiles and flooring, paint, countertops, fixtures, and other components. At this stage you get to touch, see, and feel examples of the real products that will be used. Once in agreement (multiple revisions and adjustments are ok and common) we begin the build stage. This is when our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsman bring your ideas to life! Creating the space you envisioned while protecting the remainder of your home.