Lutgen Companies

Custom Kitchen Design


This beautiful kitchen you see above is one that we kicked off our 35th year of business celebration with! This kitchen really showcases beautiful aspects and highlights focal points that the homeowner was hoping to accomplish. If you look above the windows you see the creative use of corrugated tin with the lights to really bring a unique design to this home. This home now really has a beautiful open kitchen without taking away space from the rest of the house. The space provided in the kitchen was used functionally and creatively.

 When meeting with the homeowner we wanted to make sure we really captured her vision for this new kitchen and design it with her needs in mind. This homeowner defiantly had a lot of ideas for us and we were able to help put those to paper and bring them to reality for her. She really loves crisp, clean design with a pop of color and that is where this beautiful island came in with that colorful touch.

Before we started this kitchen it had a bit of a different layout to it. The cook top was on one side of the kitchen and the fridge located on the other side without any island or extra usable space. With excellent detail we were able to break up the kitchen without completely changing the layout. We installed new cabinets to the outer area of the kitchen and above where the fridge is now located as well as moving the fridge over to be in a more central location. We took out the old cook top and cabinets on the right side of the kitchen and used that space to free up for the island. The oven which was located on a different wall to the left of the kitchen was also taken out and a new stove was placed in the main areas of the kitchen to make it more usable. After adding new counter tops and appliances this kitchen looks drastically different!BEfore_kitchen.jpgG_KITCHEN.jpg