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The Best Residential Contractor In Minnesota

The Best Residential Contractor

With Thousands of contractors in the state of Minnesota it can seem overwhelming to try and find the contractor that is right for you. Many people considering home improvement projects ask themselves “who is the best contractor/company for the job?” The answer is open to interpretation, but we have highlighted some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a contractor.

Length of Time in Business

If you are considering a home remodeling project the odds are you will be staying in your home for an extended period of time. Whether you are replacing your roof, building a deck, siding your home, or renovating your kitchen you want the finished project to stand the test of time. The longer a company has been in business the more likely it is that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to complete your project. Be sure to check the license number as this is one of the most accurate ways to verify their age. The lower the license number, the older the company is. Check it against other contractor’s numbers to see if what they say matches what their license number is telling you.

                Benefits of contractors with a long, proven reputation

                                -Experience: They do projects like yours day in and day out

                                -Wisdom: They know what to expect and plan your project


                                -Ideas: Remodeling means getting creative, but doing it

                                 professionally and efficiently

                                -They Care: Your home is their livelihood

                                -Peace of mind: They are going to be there before, during, and

                                  after the project


Actions speak louder than words. Conduct research before you hire a company to work on or in your home. Look up your potential contractor on Houzz, Google, The Better Business Bureau, supplier websites, and any other reputable place you see them mentioned. After you have done that, talk to the people in your community. Ask neighbors, family, and friends who they have worked with or know of that is reputable and stands behind their work.


Warranties are out there for everything from your car to your phone. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it should have the best warranty possible. The best contractors stand behind their work, meaning they stand behind you and your investment.  After you find a company that has been in business for a long time with a solid reputation, ask them about their warranty. Are the products they install covered should they fail? Is their craftsmanship covered should they have to come and make repairs? When you complete a remodeling project you are purchasing their products and service for years to come.


These are the people that you allow in and around your house. Ask your contractors representative about the company’s employees. Good questions include what is the average tenure? How are they trained? How many will be on my project? Do they have any certifications? As always, these are just a starting point; the best contractors will have no problem answering your questions.


The best contractors hold themselves to high standards. Taking short cuts is not an option, because they want to be the best. Though it is impossible, they strive for perfection. The drive to always be better is what allows them to grow, as individuals and as companies. Whether you are having your exterior completely redone or simply putting in a new countertop your home gets the same impeccable finished product.

Community Involvement

The best contractors do more than work on people’s homes, they give back to the people that make their business possible. From sponsoring youth sporting teams to hosting charity fundraisers their goal is to make the community they live in better. These contractors are friendly, personable, and all around good people. Helping to build a better community for their family, friends, and neighbors is one of their main business goals.


The best contractors don’t come in and bore you to death. They don’t try and sell you something you don’t need. They don’t confuse you on purpose. They don’t take up unnecessary amounts of your time. They don’t stay if you want them to leave. What the best contractors will do is make you feel comfortable with them, listen to your ideas, answer your questions, determine the best solution to your problem, treat you respectfully, and provide their services for a fair price. They are polite, professional, and ethical. The best contractors are the ones you would bring home to meet your parents.


Being one of the best is a tall order to fill, but at Lutgen Companies it is what we strive for. We are confident if you do your research you will come to the same conclusion.