Lutgen Companies


Get To Know Your Neighbor

For our major 2014 Community involvement project Lutgen Companies partnered with KNSI and the St. Cloud Police Department Crime Prevention Unit in an effort to help Build A Better Community. It is a known fact that the crime rates in neighborhoods drop when people know their neighbors. To get people interacting with each other we held block parties every other week at local parks in the St. Cloud area. At the events we had a bounce house, free food, bean bags, games, and much more! The events were held every other Thursday from May to September. Below is the list of parks we attended and some pictures of people getting to know their neighbors!


Thursdays, 5:30 to 7 PM:

5/29 – Spalt Park


6/12 – “1010 Park” (near Talahi)

Neighbor2.jpgWinner of a new bike!

 6/26 – Westwind

Neighbor_4.jpgRain or shine the show must go on!

7/10 – Hester Park

Hester Park

 7/24 – Centennial Park

8/7 – Rotary Park

 8/21 – Seberger Park

9/4 – Barden Park 


Thank you to all who stopped out and joined us at our block parties!